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Back to the Future....

After doing a bit of research on this blog topic - I was pretty surprised to see the similarities between decor in the 1930's - 1970's and the current. So many of the same items were used to decorate houses throughout the years - but just within a different setting.

I compared two different trends - Boho (also known as Bohemian) which was really popular in the 70's - as well as Farmhouse - which was not as much a style or trend - but the standard decor back in the 1930's. Both trends are here to stay in my opinion!!

Hope you all enjoy this blast from the past!!!

BOHO style - this current trend lends itself to the feeling of decor with a minimalist feel. When I first started thinking about this decor - I knew I would be out of my element - but as I learned more and more about it - and saw so many different images on line during my research - I found myself turning a corner on how I feel about it. The style seems to be either really neutral colors - or the total opposite - with pops of primary colors throughout the rooms. Myself - I prefer the neutral colors for sure. So much easier to match other items in the room when you start with a bland pallet. Just my two cents :)

The comparisons between 1970 and 2020 are literally a riot -

The "Pouf" has made a huge comeback!!! Cutest idea for extra seating in any room. They tuck so well under tables and can be pulled out when needed.

1970's Boho

2020's Boho

Another trend with the Boho style is potted plants - either in baskets or vivid colored planters. The nice thing about this trend is that you can really find so many fake plants on line...We can all agree - no maintenance is much better than relying on a green thumb.

1970's Boho

2020 Boho

1970's Brady Bunch Style (I couldn't resist)

2020 Boho furniture

So - to wrap up the BOHO style - I think this decor makes for a really calm and relaxing feel. Less is more seems to be the case in 2020 - whereas the Boho look in the 70's seemed to be so chaotic and cluttered.

Some really great ideas for decorating your home the Boho way.....

The Farmhouse trend - brings me right back into my element. Or just shows how much of a creature of habit I am with my decor. The similarities between the 1930's and current were so interesting.

1930's Farmhouse (Yup - The Waltons)

2020's Farmhouse style

1930's Farmhouse bedroom

2020 Farmhouse bedroom

1930's Farmhouse kitchen

2020's Farmhouse kitchen

It's interesting how the Farmhouse style hasn't really changed much - still that old school - comfort of "home" feel - cozy and familiar.

Until next post :) .....

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