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Back to the Future....

After doing a bit of research on this blog topic - I was pretty surprised to see the similarities between decor in the 1930's - 1970's and the current. So many of the same items were used to decorate houses throughout the years - but just within a different setting.

I compared two different trends - Boho (also known as Bohemian) which was really popular in the 70's - as well as Farmhouse - which was not as much a style or trend - but the standard decor back in the 1930's. Both trends are here to stay in my opinion!!

Hope you all enjoy this blast from the past!!!

BOHO style - this current trend lends itself to the feeling of decor with a minimalist feel. When I first started thinking about this decor - I knew I would be out of my element - but as I learned more and more about it - and saw so many different images on line during my research - I found myself turning a corner on how I feel about it. The style seems to be either really neutral colors - or the total opposite - with pops of primary colors throughout the rooms. Myself - I prefer the neutral colors for sure. So much easier to match other items in the room when you start with a bland pallet. Just my two cents :)

The comparisons between 1970 and 2020 are literally a riot -

The "Pouf" has made a huge comeback!!! Cutest idea for extra seating in any room. They tuck so well under tables and can be pulled out when needed.

1970's Boho

2020's Boho