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Cellar Dwellers....

Figured we could change things up - and pay a little attention to the men in our lives. Sprucing up the "Man Cave" is a must every now and again - and it can be done on a budget for sure. I pulled some items - all from Big Lots - all totaling under $450.00 !!!

The cart (which shows kitchen utensils currently) can be used for a side table next to the recliner - to place a beer mug - snacks - magazines - books etc. The other small wooden holder would be great for all the remote controls that are usually shoved down the side of the couch or chair! That football is a pillow - which can be tossed around and won't break anything :) Let's not forget about that cement looking trash can - that we can only hope would actually be used.....

Decorating - or "re-decorating" does not have to be as intimidating as you may think it is.

The best part is that all items that I chose are from Big Lots and can be purchased right on their website!

Until next post.....:)

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