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DO-able DIY projects!!!

Quarantining seems to have brought out the best in all of us....DIY projects are on the rise! After seeing so many of my friends & family doing projects in their homes over this past year - I decided to share them here for you to see. Each and every one of them are inexpensive - and although some are labor intensive - all can be done with anyone's skillset.

First up...

My sister Sharon has the brightest and prettiest kitchen - but was never in love with the green countertops or the light wood cabinets. So - she got to work and sanded her cabinets down and re-stained them ("before" cabinet color can be seen below on her drawer front)

For her countertops - she purchased a kit on line called "Giani Marbletop Counterop Paint Kit"... The results were amazing....Literally looks like brand new countertops - without having to spend thousands of dollars!! The kit is $79.99.

What an amazing transformation!

Next up...

My Nephew Chris & his Wife Chelsea got creative by changing up their kitchen island. They wanted to add some depth and color to the island - so they purchased some nickel gap shiplap to the sides and front of it - and used poplar trim for the sides. The transformation is amazing! Brightened up the whole space!

Great job guys!

And here we have....

My Cousin Missy refinished this beautiful Gate Leg Drop Leaf table. Sad that she didn't have a before pic - but the end result of her hard work is amazing. Missy sanded down the table - used Old English Scratch Cover - Dark wood and then finished it with