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EGGcellent time to post some of my Easter Decor :)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Thought I would explain my thoughts behind the placement of these items on my mantel.

🐰 I always start by figuring out what will go on the far left and far right. Typically larger items are placed here to balance things out- and I always face these items inward - never straight on....

🥚 Little wooden eggs - are placed two behind - one forward. I love grouping things in three's - it just feels balanced to me...

🐣 Chics in the cage even things out size wise...

🐤 Cute blue and yellow chics are placed facing inward as well - rather than straight on..

See below for the stores I purchased these items from - and their cost :)

These eggs - Pier 1 Imports. $7.99

Cutest little bunny - Christmas Tree Shop - $9.99

Little chics - Pier 1 Imports - $9.99

Until next post :) ....

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