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Tips on how to decorate with some of our Haven products!

So often my customers ask me for recommendations on how to display some of the products Haven offers. I wanted to give a few examples of how I decorate using some of our most popular pieces. Hopefully you find this helpful. I also added links next to each item incase you were interested in making a purchase. Remember - our products make the best gifts!

The Acacai Wood Covered Bowls with spoons (comes as a set of two):

The size of these bowls is very deceiving. Larger than a typical pinch pot - but smaller than a dessert bowl - they hold a good amount of whatever you want to add to them.

The Bamboo Vase with Seagrass Weave:

This vase can surely be displayed just as it is - with no fillers at all. BUT - it's too pretty not to dress up a bit more. Baby's Breath or any taller stemmed faux flower works so well also. Placing the vase on a stack of books gives it some really nice height and your eye is automatically drawn to it. I also love how muted the color tones are. Makes it so easy to slip into any existing decor in your space!

The Decorative Jute Bags (comes as a set of three):

These bags have endless possibilities for use! They fold over as far as you want them to, giving you so much flexibility for placement, etc. The bags range in size from Large - Medium & Small.

The Mango Wood Embossed Bowl:

This bowl - is stunning... It has some good weight to it - and although the obvious use may be a fruit bowl - there are dozens of other uses for it....

Until next post :)

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