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I'm Fallin for your decor!!!

Ahhh - Thank you ALL for your submissions - I was so happy that so many of you decided to share pictures of your Fall decor for me to share here. As you may remember from my last email - we are in the process of moving - and all of my decor is packed up. I didn't want the season to go by without seeing what everyone else has going on in their houses!!!!

Enjoy all the fun pictures - everyone has such great taste - and I also loved the different styles - taste etc. SO much fun...

Lets start off with this very creative and so cost effective DIY my cousin Robin did...

She purchased the platter at The Dollar Store - and applied roping to it. SO adorable. This can be used year round - decorated so many different ways throughout the holidays! Her other little decorations she got at The Dollar Tree - all for a total of $6.00!!!!!

Her next DIY - is awesome.... She purchased a piece of Douglas Fir at Home Depot - she got a 2 x 10 piece - cut half to make two of these amazing trays. She purchased the handles - and chose a stain called Early American. Again - can be used all year round - and with endless holiday decor possibilities!!! LOVE IT...

Someone loves acorns! Great assortment of Fall decor from my friend Michelle. I love all the colors - and the Leaf dish - beautiful!!!

My Sister Marcia went to town decorating her house - inside and out. So many pretty bright Fall colors here - Orange seems to be her go-to color. Nice job girl!!!!

Another sister - Christine jumped in hard and fast with her Fall decor. Unfortunately her and her husband experienced a house fire last year - so she had to start fresh with all new Fall decor items - and from what I see here - she did an amazing job. Most - if not all of her decor came from Amazon - she found some great items at really great prices...And she DIY'd her own table runners!!!! A+ 🎃🍁

Christine's good friend Lisa has such a nice curio cabinet filled with all kinds of pretty Fall decor! And a nice window display - love that sunshine hitting all your pretty decor Lisa!!!🍁🍁🎃🎃

Nicole - my step daughter - bringing in her BOHO style Fall Decor - with elegance. She has the nicest decorating style - and loves the minimalist concept. Her house is so cozy and inviting......❤️🎃🍁

And another sister here - Sharon made this amazing quilt..stunning!!! and the wooden box filled with pumpkins and pinecones reminds me 100% of our childhood - nothing better!! 🎃🎃🍁🍁

My Mother-in-Law Paula spiffied up the nesting tables out on her patio (or Lanai as we like to joke with her) with this cute collection of pumpkins - AND the little ghost you see here was her Mom's - how special is that!!!!!

My nephew Chris and his wife Chelsea with the help of their little nugget Ashlyn - went to a pumpkin patch and got all kinds of fun plants - pumpkins and corn stalks to decorate their farmers porch. Looks so festive guys - bringing all kinds of cheer up there in the great state of Maine! 🍁🍁

And we end with my MOM (best Nana ever) 😍. She has these adorable hand made gourds on a shelf in her living room. They (and my mom) are bound to bring a smile to your face when you enter the room - so so adorable......🎃🎃

Until next post :)

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