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I'm the customer this time???

Thought I would do a quick post on the progress of our Master Bedroom/Bathroom /Walk- in Closet & Laundry Room renovation. I have definitely been like a kid in a candy store - choosing all the decor for these spaces. Let's put it this way - the Amazon driver is on our Christmas Card list this year :)

Let me bring you up to speed on our space....Our current bedroom was actually not the original master bedroom of the house. When we added a two story addition to the house 15 years ago - we moved in to the room on the second floor. It was a 20 x 30 room - with NO closets & NO bathroom! We finally decided it was time to make this space into a real master suite. Didn't have to look too far for a great builder :)

It took Rick about a day to frame the new laundry space - full bathroom and walk in closet. I cannot for the life of me ever picture any construction space until I actually see it framed up - and I was beyond excited once I could understand the layout.

At this point I was so happy because I knew I could start choosing plumbing fixtures - tiles - curtains - furniture -etc. and my favorite thing of all - all the fun decor for the rooms!

Here is a little sneak peak of where we are at with things so far

Day 1...

From left to right - The new space will have a laundry room - bathroom & closet :)

I feel like the most exciting part of this entire renovation for me will be the walk-in closet.....We have not had a closet in our bedroom in 15 years - and I am so DONE with squishing all my clothes into a bureau....

I can't imagine what I was even thinking 15 years ago when I chose Olive Green carpet AND Olive Green paint.......

This space above the doors will be a cute loft - which will include a nice railing system....

This wallpaper shown below - will go only on the wall you see here with all the doors. I think it will add just enough depth to the room - given that I am leaning toward an all white bedroom...but I am scared to commit..


I have been seeing this style bed for a while now and LOVE it - can't even wait until it arrives! These nightstands are a bit brighter than they look in this photo. Nice and simple :) We are only going to have this one Armoire in the room - going to take full advantage of the walk-in closet for all the rest of the clothes. I'm hoping to keep the bedroom as un-cluttered as possible....

A few little hints into the bathroom space...Nothing over the top - all very simple. Rick built this Niche into the shower wall for shampoo bottles and such - lOVE it....

This built in cabinet is filled with shelves for all of our (my) things. Can't wait to fill it up!

So many of our customers lately have been going with this new Barn Door style shower glass door. I am obsessed with it! It glides so quietly and easily....

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak the home stretch now - so excited for the finished product!!!

Until next post :)

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