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I'm the customer this time???

Thought I would do a quick post on the progress of our Master Bedroom/Bathroom /Walk- in Closet & Laundry Room renovation. I have definitely been like a kid in a candy store - choosing all the decor for these spaces. Let's put it this way - the Amazon driver is on our Christmas Card list this year :)

Let me bring you up to speed on our space....Our current bedroom was actually not the original master bedroom of the house. When we added a two story addition to the house 15 years ago - we moved in to the room on the second floor. It was a 20 x 30 room - with NO closets & NO bathroom! We finally decided it was time to make this space into a real master suite. Didn't have to look too far for a great builder :)

It took Rick about a day to frame the new laundry space - full bathroom and walk in closet. I cannot for the life of me ever picture any construction space until I actually see it framed up - and I was beyond excited once I could understand the layout.

At this point I was so happy because I knew I could start choosing plumbing fixtures - tiles - curtains - furniture -etc. and my favorite thing of all - all the fun decor for the rooms!

Here is a little sneak peak of where we are at with things so far

Day 1...

From left to right - The new space will have a laundry room - bathroom & closet :)

I feel like the most exciting part of this entire renovation for me will be the walk-in closet.....We have not had a closet in our bedroom in 15 years - and I am so DONE with squishing all my clothes into a bureau....