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Let's talk budget decorating.....because we can!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I get the feeling that most of you think the task of decorating your space is overwhelming, mainly due to cost. I am here to tell you - that is SO not the case. I have spent many years perfecting the art of decorating my home with the look and feel I want - at the cost I feel most comfortable with...

HOW to accomplish this task (don't be scared). It's attainable - and fun.

End caps... all stores have them - learn to love them! There are dozens of little items on clearance here. Even if you love something you find but aren't sure just what use you would have for it - or where you would place it in your house - I suggest purchasing it - and setting it aside. I promise you will find a use/spot for it in time...

WHERE to accomplish this task (I hope you are at least a little less scared by now)

Discount Department stores....YUP - you read that right! Allow me to share my fav's below...

BIG LOTS - (pick that jaw up off the floor)...You cannot believe what I find at this store. They always have home decor that is right in line with the current trends. The prices will amaze you. I would guarantee you that at least 60% of the decorations I buy for my home are from BIG LOTS...

MARSHALLS - another amazing finds store. The clearance they have in the home decor department is incredible. From picture frames - to baskets and, don't walk!

HOMEGOODS - probs everyone's go-to store for home decor (HA - rhymed that one)...Homegoods is just an amazing place to shop. They have a huge selection of clearance items. The trick is to take your time - think about the spaces you want to spruce up - and grab what feels good to you. You can make it work.

TARGET - who doesn't love TARGET..... They carry the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines line - which we all love. You can take some time in this section to see what cute items are out - and you can get some really great idea

ON-LINE SHOPPING is a really great place to find amazing deals on home decor. Once you are familiar with some of your favorite sites to shop on - you will find repeat shopping a breeze. And let's face it - sometimes it's fun to sit back in your PJ's while sippin on some coffee (or wine) - and browse on-line for decorations to sassy up your space. I highly recommend making Amazon your very first stop....

Hope the above was at least a little bit helpful! Be sure to subscribe so you can be notified of all upcoming posts. Lots of pix in my next blog showing what I have purchased at the above stores 🤗

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