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My home office make-over.....

Exciting things office is getting a complete make-over! We recently moved and have settled into our new home (new to us - not a brand new house) - and are tackling a few things at a time - my office being one of them.

My daughter Molly loves doing Mood Boards - so I figured I would give it a try for inspiration - and had a blast with it! I can't wait to start shopping for the things I need for the space - and am excited to bring you along on the journey! I plan to do it all with a budget friendly approach - because as I always say - decorating on a budget is totally do-able & not to mention fun!

Once I settled on the wall color - Benjamin Moore Tranquility, putting the rest of the board together was fun and easy. Choosing paint colors is not my favorite thing when it comes to my own space - but I love helping others with theirs - go figure! So I enlisted the help of my step-daughter Nicole - who has an amazing design eye and loves all things paint!!!

I am going to do my best to source as many things as I can from Big Lots - Michaels - Amazon - Home Goods and Marshalls.

Although I forgot to take some good BEFORE pictures of my current office - I have a few (shown below). Don't judge.....they are NOT pretty....

BORING!!!!! :)

As you can see - I didn't focus at all on any decorating when we moved in - as I knew eventually we would be doing a complete renovation. I just unpacked and tossed things wherever 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️..not my best work.

Now on to the exciting stuff!!!

The room only has one window - so I wanted to keep the overall vibe light and airy for the make over - because there just isn't a ton of natural light. I think some sort of sheer curtain may do the trick in there - I may have to enlist the help of my talented sister Sharon in that department!

Hardwood floors going in this week - and trim and paint to follow. I will take good pictures of the progress! I need to get busy shopping for the fun stuff....

Next post will be the finished product!

Until next post :)....

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