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No Farmers even use this????

Why is it even called a Farmers Porch? It's not like Farmers keep their animals on them - or their crop......🐷🐮🌽🥕

So how did the Farmers Porch come about - and when?

Back in the day - (the 1880's to be specific) - as families started living in their own individual homes - they wanted to view their front yard from something other than their front windows! They also really cared about how the front of their houses looked from the street. And so the Farmers Porch was born.

The popularity of the Farmers Porch lasted from the 1880's through the mid 1950's. Once radios and televisions became popular in houses - and automobiles were a "thing" for many - the Farmers Porch was no longer of importance and it was erased from house plans & replaced with patios and decks in the privacy of backyards....

I guess like all good things - they come and go....But - if you ask me - the Farmers Porch is back and is here to stay 👏👏

I did a quick little bit of decor on our porch - I figured it was about time...It is after all - two years young! I got the chair pads for the rockers, the pillow for the single chair, the two cute citronella candles, the two potted artificial plants & lighted topiary tree and the welcome mat all from Big Lots - and if you read the email I sent out a few weeks ago - I mentioned I was going to try to keep the cost under $100.00. I succeeded!!! 🛒💰 Everything purchased came to $86.00. I did end up getting the little sign on the bench as well as the outdoor hanging lights on Amazon.

If you have a Farmers Porch - hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours. Head to Big Lots - so much to choose from and a lot of clearance right now..

Until next post :)

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