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Suddenly working from home?? I don't think you are alone.....

Times they are changing - and possibly for good. So many people are now having to work from home - which means either utilizing the home office you already may have in your house - or scurrying around trying to find a quiet space to call your own - where you can feel productive and have all the necessities you need to get through the work day....

I have been working out of our home office for 26 years now - so my space is pretty functional for what I need out of it. But if you don't have a spare room that you can all of a sudden whip into a home office - I thought I would share some ideas with you on how to create a work area that is not only functional - but looks really nice and will blend in nicely in your home.

Pictured below - this has got to be the easiest - quickest (and cutest) way to add a desktop to your space. I have even seen some people lay an old door down over either saw horses or little file cabinets. That - however, may require a piece of glass over it so that you create a smooth working surface.

The shelving above the first desk - so cute - so easy to put up (well - for my husband - not me)...of course your shelving will have your books - papers - anything work related up there (maybe toss in a few picture frames and a candle).

Most important of all in your office space will be a mug warmer for your hot beverages!!! This little daisy warmer below is only $9.99 at Urban Outfitters!!!

Lets try to keep your office space as bright and cheery as possible... You all know how much I love good home decor bargains - and Dollar Tree has the cutest items ( as well as some must-haves) that would be so functional in your home office space. The little totes with the handles would be so helpful in storing paperwork - books etc. They can sit under your desk or in a corner. The next set of four bins would hold all sorts of paperwork - filing -to-be done - etc. WHO wouldn't want these adorable paper clips - ahhhhhhh they speak for themselves....

These other items below - not so cute -but necessary so make sure you stock up on the boring stuff as well as the cute things.

Go around the house - see what you can snag to put pencils - pens & markers i - a cute mug - or glass. You must also have a small little table lamp somewhere that no-one would miss. Grab it and set it on your desk. If your new home office space is somewhere in the mix of where the family hangs out and you want your own lighting - you will be all set. While you are grabbing and snagging items from your own house for your office space - swipe the most comfy chair you have - and claim ownership to it for the duration of your time working at home.

Sometimes - I find that the hardest thing about working from home - is the comfort of home! Everything that you are so used to is right at your disposal - and can be such a deterrent from the task at hand - work! The TV is there - the fridge is there - sink full of dishes (well - maybe you just want to leave those there)..But it really is so easy to get distracted when you are working from home. If you have a door to your home office - shut it - if you have an open space you are working in - do your best to stay clear of all of the things you are so naturally drawn to - and stay on task. The last thing you want to risk - is a pink slip :/

One thing to maybe keep in mind - if your job requires you to participate in Zoom or Face time meetings - be sure your background is something you want to share with the gang - and another tip - be sure to put pants on! We have all seen our share of the news lately - too many folks thinking they don't need pants on since they are just sharing their upper body - don't risk it!!!! :)

Until next post :) ...

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