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There's no space like home.....

During these uncertain times we are all facing - I thought I would do a little post on the things you can do while spending time at home in the way of decorating your space....

And the best part - these ideas don't cost a dime!!!!


Look around your house - go into the basement where you store items you think you will not ever use but just don't want to throw out - you will surely find a spot for them somewhere in your house -

Move decor from one place to another - one room to another - you would be surprised how you can repurpose something in a new spot and feel like its a new purchase -

Dig out those cook books that you had - but no longer use because you most likely google or Pinterest recipe ideas - and stack three or four - and put a plant on the top of them - or a little vase with flowers - and place them on a shelf or your kitchen counter -

Take down your curtains - wash them up - and find another room that they will match - this makes that room feel fresh and new -

Gather your cute throw blankets that may be piled up in the closet - and drape them over the side of your couch - back of a chair - end of your bed -

It's the perfect time to change up the photos in your frames around the house - grab that pile of photos and get busy -

Unearth those cute place mats that you only pull out once every five years - and place one on the center of your island - with a cute grouping of candles - a bowl of candy - or a plant

Grab your serving tray or cute plate that has a lip on it - and put your olive oil - red wine vinegar and any favorite bottled item you cook with on the tray along with your salt/pepper shakers and place it by your stove - looks so cute - and is so functional -

Until next post :)

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